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my favorite thing about worf is how sometimes he peeks out from behind things







Very honorably tho.

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"Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are."

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Peter Zeglis - The Woods, 2013

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back when i thought i was straight i was so uncomfortable with the word gay it’s hilarious. and now i’m just like… i’m gay. this clothing is gay. that book is gay. these inanimate objects that are sort of brushing against each other are gay. 

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ive been asked a few times how i draw back-views, especially for character sheets so i wanted to share a little trick I learned a while back that’s really really helpful especially if you’re used to drawing things from the front and need help getting the proportions right from the back view.

You don’t ALWAYS have to do this the way that I do; The only reason I put effort into the front view is because this is going to be a character sheet and I need the front view to be fleshed out.

But alternatively; Just sketch out a sillhouette, then fill it in on a higher layer. 

Sorry if someones already done this before im just answering a frequently asked question ;w;

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618. A muggleborn kid who started swimming even before he could walk and, sure, he wants to study magic, but he also wants to keep swimming and become a pro. The lake is no place to practice, so he cries and tells his parents that he misses it too much. His parents talk to the headmistress and turns out, there is, in fact, a hidden swimming pool! She even finds a retired certified coach who’s also a wizard to help him with his training.

The prefect bathrooms have tubs the size of swimming pools

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Chubby people are so lovely and cute aw

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i keep forgetting that sex is a real thing that happens in real life and not just a fandom thing

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who summon me

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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'Treat yourself as though you are dating yourself' is the best advice I've ever heard tbh

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